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ASIFlex Card

ASIFlex Debit Card

If you participate in a Medical Spending Account, you will receive an ASIFlex Card, which you can use for credit or debit transactions. You will receive two cards at the home address ASIFlex has on file for you. Upon receipt, you must call to activate the card and set up your PIN. You may order additional cards by logging in to your participant account.

Swipe. Ask. Go.

You are not required to use your ASIFlex card. If you do use your card, documentation may be required. Each time you use your card, you should ask your provider for an itemized statement of service. This statement must include:


ASIFlex will auto-adjudicate as many card transactions as possible using only claims data from BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina for health and dental claims, and from EyeMed for vision claims. While documentation cannot be eliminated completely, the goal is to decrease the need for you to provide documentation. If a transaction amount is equal to the amount shown on the file, you should not need to submit documentation.

If documentation is required, ASIFlex will send you an email or letter requesting it. Please do not send documentation until requested. Documentation must include the information listed above. If ASIFlex does not receive documentation after three weeks, you will receive a second request. A third request will be sent three weeks later. At that time, your ASIFlex Card will be suspended until you provide the requested documentation.


Learn more about the ASIFlex Card in these FAQs.

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