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Medical Spending Account

A Medical Spending Account (MSA) allows you to set aside money from your paycheck pretax to pay for out-of-pocket health care expenses, such as copayments and coinsurance. When you pay less in taxes, you have more money in your pocket. Most people save at least 30 percent on each dollar set aside pretax. There is a $2.14 monthly administrative fee for an MSA.

How much can I contribute to my MSA?

You can contribute up to $3,200 in 2024. The funds can be used to pay your expenses as well as your eligible spouse and qualifying dependents expenses.

To get the most out of your MSA, maximize your contributions based on the expenses you, or any of your tax dependents, anticipate incurring during the plan year. To plan your annual election amount:

  1. Review the list of eligible expenses.
  2. Review your medical expenses from last year.
  3. Write down any additional eligible expenses you anticipate incurring in the coming plan year.
  4. Be sure to include at least some money to cover your deductible expenditures.
  5. Estimate your cost for each eligible expense. Remember your tax dependents' expenses qualify, too, even if they are covered by a different health insurance plan.

How do I access my MSA funds?

Your funds are available to you on January 1. As you have eligible expenses, you can use your ASIFlex Card or submit claims for reimbursement. In some cases you may be asked to submit documentation to substantiate card transactions.

How do I submit claims and get reimbursed?

ASIFlex offers several easy ways to submit claims for reimbursement. You do not have to choose only one option; you can use multiple options throughout the year.

If approved, reimbursement will be made to you within three business days following receipt of complete claim. Log in to your ASIFlex account to sign up for direct deposit, as well as email and text alerts. You can also opt to receive a mailed check.

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Learn more about MSAs in these FAQs.

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